Eastpoint Water & Sewer District

Serving Eastpoint, Florida since 1967

The Eastpoint Water & Sewer District is an Independent Special Taxing District created by the Florida Legislature, Laws of Florida, Acts of 1967 Chapter 67-1399, and is governed by a 5 member volunteer board of commissioners appointed by the Governor for Four year terms. The purpose of the District is  to provide affordable, quality water and sewer service to the unincorporated area of Franklin County, FL known, but not limited to, as Eastpoint. We currently serve approximately 1100 customers providing residential, commercial and industrial service. The Eastpoint Water and Sewer District operates and maintains 2 wells, a distribution system and a 300,000 gallon per day sewer plant.

The Eastpoint Water and Sewer District Fiscal Year runs from October 1, 2016 - September 30, 2017

Contact Information

Mailing Address:  40 Island Drive, Eastpoint, FL 32328

Phone Number: 850-670-8177

Fax Number:     850-670-8517

Website:         www.ewsdfl.com
40 Island Drive, Eastpoint, FL 32328